Cancellation of the 2020 LGM Series (due to Covid19)

With a near record entry for 2020 LGM series in all IAME classes, it comes with much regret that we will be cancelling this years series. We were looking to run a year end ‘mini series’ with the remaining rounds, but with so many logistical problems, social distance and limiting numbers, it would make the championship messy, confusing and not value for money which is always what we strive to offer. So the decision is made to abort this year and put our effort into next years calendar. If you are registered for the 2020 series, even if you need to change classes, we will carry the entry over to the 2021 series where a new set of races will be produced. We do however understand if you do not wish to take part next years championship or your cercumstances have changed, that a full refund will be given. Thank you for your patience in this difficult year and look forward to seeing you back on track very soon.