Edgar leading the way

Edgar leading the way

Even with 4 wins under his belt, Harry Thomson could not challenge Jonny Edgar around the Shenington circuit. Renowned for being a power circuit Edgar from pole never lost the lead and it was young Owen Marlow that gave up the chase. Thompson had the help of a very fast Finley Bunce in which to make up the gap to Edgar, and even getting the fastest lap was not enough to close. Marlow sat behind Edgar quite happy, but never looking like he would challenge. Dexter Patterson moved up from his 11 grid to 5th and had some great pace but no one to work with.


Marlow 2nd    Edgar 1st   Thompson 3rd

Marlow 2nd Edgar 1st Thompson 3rd

Behind Patterson the train of around 20 karts making up for what was a quite spread out cadet race at the front. Last lap, Marlow did not challenge and Thompson could not catch, so Edgar took his Hat trick of wins. Marlow 2nd, Thompson 3rd, with Bunce 4th. Patterson a lonely 5th, Brandon Martland rounding the top 6. Top privateer was Joe Willoughby in 18th overall.