20181007_172837The biggest UK Cadet championship, Arvid Lindblad stole the win from under Freddie Slater who had lead the series all year. Lindblad managed to get pole position with Slater on grid 2. They drove away from the rest allowing a one on one battle. Both had the lead but in the end it was advantage Lindblad who won by 0.04 at the line !. In Senior X30 Thomas Turner has been crowned 2018 champion after finishing 4th which was just enough to beat Callum Bradshaw who won the event at PF International. Bradshaw who has finished second, three times now did as much as he could but missed out by a mere 4 points. Stephen Letts was 2nd and Harry Platten getting his first podium of the year in 3rd. The Junior X30 battle was very exciting, the title battle had been won with Thomas fleming not getting the pole he needed so left the championship to Joseph Taylor. In the race it was Georgie Dimitrov who was the man to catch, but catch they did with Lewis Thomson, Oliver Bearman and Nelson King all fighting for the win. Joseph Taylor managed to cross the line first but recieved a penalty due to a driving issue. Dimitrov and Bearman also getting a nose penalty. In the end Nelson King took victory, from Tom Edgar 2nd and Lewis Thompson 3rd.  The Mini X tour was again a big grid, but the man on form was Joshua Mclean who lifted the tour with ease. Ivan Lomliev put up a very good battle and also got the pole and fastest lap, but couldn’t quite beat Mclean on the day finishing 2nd.