This notice gives information about our 19/20 September club meeting when we will welcome guests in the IAME Cadet Little Green Man championship and the X30 Tour.  PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL NOW BE ONE HEAT EACH FOR HONDA & IAME CADET CLUB RACES ON SATURDAY LATE AFTERNOON AS WELL AS A HEAT FOR JUNIOR X30, SENIOR X30 AND LGM CADET.  PLEASE NOTE ON SATURDAY & SUNDAY PRACTICE STARTS AT 0900 HRS.

Parking: Grandstand Field is exclusively for LGM Cadet and X30 Tour (weather permitting)

Timetable Saturday

0900 Practice starts on Saturday at 0900 for all classes with LGM Cadet out first.  There will be a £10 discount on normal fees (except TKM Clubman).  Practice finishes around 1530/1600.

1530 approx -1600: Scrutineering and Heats for LGM IAME Cadet and X30 Junior and Senior and now also Honda Cadet and IAME Cadet club races.

Timetable Sunday

0745 Scrutineering for all classes (optionally Saturday evening) other than LGM and X30, Honda and IAME Club Cadet.

0900 now: Practice for all classes then heats and finals for all classes. Normal 3 heats and a final, rolling starts for all direct drive classes, standing starts for gearbox.

X30 Junior and Senior: All X30 entries will be run together, whether in the Tour or club entries and therefore the races will count for the Shenington Club Championship

TKM Clubman: Note practice starts at 0930 with other classes on Saturday, normal weekend entry fee. Because this is a round of the TKM Interclub Midland Championship TKM Clubman entrants will have the option of choosing a set of tyres to be marked specifically for the meeting and deferring any success ballast until their next entry.  They must then keep their registered tyres in parc ferme for their next entry.

Honda Cadet / IAME Cadet: There will be separate club races for these classes to count for the Shenington Club Championship,