Its a very long time since it was that hot at Rowrah, but the sun blest the hills of the Cumbria circuit for round 5. The massive entry in cadet IAME saw Freddie Slater take his third win of the season making a winning move on the last corner to pass his team mate William Macintyre who finished 2nd. Arvid Lindblad managed to come up to 3rd overall from a lowly grid. The Mini X tour was a one horse race with Joshua Mclean leading, from lights to flag. Cian Shields finished a strong 2nd but was unable to catch Mclean and Rashan Chigorimbo drove well to get 3rd position. In the Junior X30 class Nelson King took the lead on lap 4 only to be taken out of the race leaving pole man Joseph Taylor to lead nearly all the race, Tom Edgar was in pursuit and past Taylor 2 laps from home with some heavy defending maganged to keep Taylor behind but as a result dropping his nose. This allowed new class driver Oliver Bearman to come home in 2nd and championship contender Thomas Fleming 3rd. In the Senior X30 Stephen Letts controlled the race from pole before series leader Thomas Turner took over, Letts not quite having the pace to hang on to Turner. Callum Bradshaw drove a good race in 3rd but not having the pace of the front two.