Harry Thompson The young Harry Thompson, stunned on lookers with yet another display of near perfect driving, to take victory at Buckmore Park LGM round 5. Unbelievable, this is his fourth LGM win this year. Thompson did not have it all his own way in the heats and found himself 6 on the grid. Pole position went to Jonny Edgar who looked to have everything under control. At the start Edgar took the lead from Dexter Patterson, but behind them there was mayhem, Taylor Barnard who was high on the grid, looked to have broken a track rod, which sent him across the track, with one driver hitting him then many others getting involved. The quarter flag was deployed while the marshals cleared the many karts which appeared to be locked together. As the green flag dropped, Patterson drove all the way around the outside and shot into the lead, before pulling a two second gap on the rest of the field. Thompson made his way up passing Joseph Taylor, Brandon Martland and then Owen Marlow, he set his sights on Edgar, but as he arrived behind, they did not flight, only to work together to try and lessen the gap to Patterson who was enjoying the lead. Has the pair tried everything, the gap did appear to be coming down, but with 2 laps to go, Patterson looked like he could hold on, only to find he did a slow lap and the pair behind the fastest of the race. As Patterson turned his head to look behind, Edgar shot up the inside with Thompson attached, the grandstand thought that was it and Edgar would take the victory, but with a last minute attempt down the hill, Thompson pulled off what can only be the ‘manoeuvre of the year’ to grab the lead. With 4 corners to go, Edgar could not get back passed, Thompson taking the flag to the amazement of the people watching. Harry ThompsonPatterson hung on to 3rd, Taylor 4th. Marlow with a great showing from Piers Henderson, unfortunately collided on the very last lap, taking them out the top order, but left Klass Kooker with his best result of the year in 5th and Hanafin 6th. Top privateer was Toby McDonald in 15th overall. The first six drivers on the grid all used controlled pre-mixed fuel at the request of the scutineer.