THOMPSON takes the first win

Harry Thompson_8771_(web)Harry Thompson took a superb win in round 1 of the 2015 LGM series. The race soon played out into two major teams, for Fusion there was Thompson, Jonny Edgar and Joseph Taylor and for the AIM cadet team there were Dexter Patterson, Taylor Barnard, Finlay Bunce. These six showed skill in two pairs by working together and moving away for the rest of the field. Once clear the battle commenced with Edgar, from the pole taking the early lead, Taylor then found his way to the front, Thompson having Patterson to push up with. The 15 lap stunner, shown why these are the best in class with precision driving from all. Once the train was six karts, Thompson moved his way very carefully to the front. Patterson then looked very strong, but on to the last lap the defence started slowing the pace right down and allowing alone Reggie Duhy to close rapidly. Thompson kept his ground but with the pace now very slow, Duhy caught and passed two drivers and next being Patterson. Unfortunately Duhy went in hard at the pits corner mounting Patterson and crashing out, both drivers were fine but their races wrecked.


Harry ThompsonMean while Thompson was supreme taking his maiden LGM win in his first LGM race !. Edgar was 2nd, followed by Barnard, Taylor, Bunce. Albert Carter managed a great 6th moving up 19 places and getting the fastest lap. Top privateer was Alex Walker in 20th place.